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Solution Oil


About Solution Oil

Solution Oil is produced in the Netherlands. That is why you will find the “Made in Holland” stamp on all our products. Our producer is one of the largest independent lubricant producers in Europe and is fully ISO certified. Thanks to the advanced production facility, where safety, health and the environment are highly valued, Solution Oil can guarantee its high quality at all times.



Quality certifications

The quality of Solution Oil’s products is guaranteed. The lubricants are 100% reliable in their application. Production is ISO certified on the basis of ISO 9001-2015 for quality management, ISO 14001-2015 for environmental management and ISO 45001 for work-related safety and health.

Lubricating oil quality is measured by OEM specifications and approvals. Together with the lubricant manufacturer, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) publishes specifications for a lubricant or engine oil. That publication lists the specific tests and test limits for the lubricant manufacturer to formulate the engine oil. Our manufacturer determines the correct combination of base oils and additives to ensure that Solution Oil's final product meets the OEM specification.

In addition to “meeting the specification”, a motor oil can also be OEM approved. The end product is then submitted by the manufacturer for official approval by the OEM. When all requirements are met after intensive testing, the OEM grants an official approval. The OEM is thus an official proof of quality and is often of interest to official car and truck dealerships.

Quality is of paramount importance at Solution Oil. After all, our oil is the solution for your engine. In addition to our ultra-modern production facility, the laboratory constantly checks for quality, from raw materials to filling line. Sustainability also plays a major role. Together with our producer, we work on constant product improvement and we strive for an increasingly longer renewal period.